Advancing technology is opening up a whole new world of digital play opportunities for our children to learn whilst having fun. 

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We are excited about learning too!

Doko’s learning system is made in Germany and designed by experienced early years educators to embrace learning in the 21st century:

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Hands-On Learning

We believe children learn best with all their senses engaged through active hands-on activities. Doko combines real wooden toys with digital tablets to make learning physically active and digitally interactive.

Education Experts

Doko is designed by experienced early years educators, specially created for children aged 2 – 7.

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High Quality 

Doko strives to create the very best quality products and experiences for playful and powerful learning. From designing our games to encourage hands-on learning to making our beautiful, non-toxic, wooden toys in Germany, we place quality at the heart of what we do.


Physical To Interactive

At Doko, we bring together the world of physical toys with the endless possibilities of well-designed interactive technology, to deliver powerful learning experiences.